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2021 Kickoff

February 28, 2021

A poorly titled announcement. Traditionally, I tap the trees on Super Bowl Sunday, but this year the temperature was below freezing until much later. I tapped 20 trees on February 16th, and a few of my neighbor Ray's trees a few days later. There were a few good days of sap running, and I've collected over 100 gallons of sap. I just ran it through reverse osmosis to about half the original volume and 4% sugar.

I will be boiling tomorrow, March 1st, the latest first boil in the last 10 years. Oh yes, this is my 10th year making maple syrup! Ten years ago, I spent almost an entire day outside to yield about a quart of maple syrup, and tomorrow only a few hours for over a gallon. My schedule is much more flexible this year; working from home and no social obligations. I can gather sap any time, and do some boiling between meetings. Like last year, when we became more aware of COVID, I don't expect many visitors to gather around the fire with me, but I will look back at the gallery photos, smiling about the good times over the past ten years, and looking forward to the next.

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