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Final Boil - March 22, 2014

March 23, 2014

The conditions were just perfect for boiling. Temperatures reached 60 degrees and I had over 100 gallons of sap, and with even more dripping out of the trees it was hard to keep up. The improved processing was put to the test and we boiled from sunrise to sunset yielding almost 3 gallons of syrup.

boiling on all pans

The neighbors saw the smoke, and before calling the fire department, came by to check in on the operation and share a beer. Shout-outs to the Schmutz family, the Beida family, the Zaidins, and Barry and Aidin Witt.

Lisa and Mark

With all of the effort needed, it was great to have my dad helping out and providing added encouragement. We even got the boys involved working the pans. Maybe next year I'll put them in charge of a shift and give myself a break. They're the ones that eat all of the syrup anyway.

Remo, Scott and Jonathan

Although the sap is still running, the dark syrup, budding trees, and calendar tell me that the season is over. With a total over about 5 gallons of syrup, we should have plenty to last through the year. 

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