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St. Patrick's Day Sugarin' - March 17, 2013

March 18, 2013

We had another successful day of maple syrup making at Mount Kisco Maple. The weather was fair and the sun even peeked out a bit. As it is late in the season, the syrup turned out dark amber, as expected, and tastes great. The yield was another gallon and a half, which seems to be the average per session.

Dark and light syrup

Thanks to Mike Freel for helping out on the early shift. And thanks for stopping by to Markus, Yu-Shih, Eric, Mindy and Indy. Friendly visitors make a long day go by quicker.

Mindy, Indy, Eric, and Greg

Of course, another big thanks to my dad who cut some wood and kept the fire fed. The higher smokestack seemed to help create a stronger draft across the flame, but there were still some lulls that required lots of attention.

10-foot stack

Another great treat was a visit from Cousins Kathy and Jack Hawley who were interested in the process and it was a great excuse for us to all get together.

Kathys: cousin and mom

Remo and Jack

Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, Kathy came ready to party, and the beer was flowing.

St. Patrick: The patron saint of maple syrup

And thanks to my wife Dannielle who put together a great corned beef and cabbage dinner, took pictures, and bottled syrup with me long after everyone had left. But mostly for humoring my various hobbies and enduring all that goes with them.

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