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On Our Way

February 13, 2013

One nice feature of the blue plastic sap buckets is that they are slightly translucent, and when it’s bright, you can check their levels by just looking out the window. Well on this sunny morning, things were looking promising, so I grabbed my gathering bucket and collected around 15 gallons o... (Read More)

The Sap is Flowing!

February 12, 2013

A little bit of warm weather goes a long way, and the sap is starting to flow on many of the taps. You can see a drip, and the clear sap starting to fill this 3-gallon bucket. It won't be long now...

Too Cold to Move

February 10, 2013

Nothing much to report for the first week as the temperature has not spent any significant time above freezing. Although some of the taps have "sap-cicles", which shows that sap wants to come out, it is still too early. The forecast for the week ahead looks more promising.

The Trees Have Been Tapped!

February 3, 2013

We have started the 2013 Maple season by tapping 10 trees. The weather was crisp and clear and although the temperature was just above 32 degrees, only a few taps showed some promising drips of sap. We are looking forward to some warm daytime temperatures to coax the sap to flow.  

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